APT Macau 2016 Main Event

China’s Guo Dong wins the APT Macau Main Event! – HKD 530,000-恭喜中国选手郭东斩获2016APT澳门站主赛冠军,奖金:五十三万港币!

It only took two hands at the heads up round for China’s Guo Dong to capture the APT Macau Main Event title. Dong went all in and Sergio Aido snap-called.

此役Guo Dong all in, Sergio Aido跟进

Dong A 8
Aido A K

The board ran 3 Q 7 8 A and with a pair spiked on the turn, Dong shipped in all the chips and was crowned the new APT champion.

公共牌 3 Q 7 8 A,郭东达成两对胜出,斩获2016APT澳门站主赛冠军!

Dong earned the first place purse of HKD 530,000, the APT championship title, and the APT Championship Ring.


Sergio Aido takes 2nd place – HKD 310,000-Sergio Aido拿下亚军,奖金叁拾壹万港币

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Spain’s Sergio Aido, the massive chip leader for the past two days of the Main Event, played impressively throughout but was unable to take it one step further. He bowed out in 2nd place today and earned HKD 310,000 for his great run at his first APT event.

西班牙选手Sergio Aido作为前两日的领头羊,在决赛同样一路稳扎稳打,拿下亚军,奖金叁拾壹万港币

Heads up! Dong vs Aido-比赛进入单挑局

Level: 26 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

We are now down to the final two players of the Main Event! Guo Dong from China and Sergio Aido from Spain. Both players entered the Final 8 with the largest stacks and impressively held their fort all day. Dong holds the largest stack of 3.47M while Aido has 1.885M. They are playing for the first place purse of HKD 530,000, the championship title, and the APT Championship Ring.

现时比赛进入中国选手Guo Dong与西班牙选手Sergio Aido的单挑局,Guo Dong筹码量四百四十七万,Aido筹码量一百八十八万五千,本届主赛冠军奖金五十三万港币,冠军除可获得奖杯之外还可获颁一枚主赛冠军戒指。

Winfred Yu settles for 3rd place – HKD 215,000-Winfred拿下季军

Level: 26 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

That APT championship title has eluded Winfred Yu once again, falling in third place today at the hands of Sergio Aido. After getting hit by Guo Dong on the previous hand, Yu went all in on the next hand and was called by Aido.

在上一回合遭到重创之后,此役Winfred all in, Aido跟进

Yu A 2
Aido A 6

The board ran 6 10 K 9 9. Yu earned HKD 215,000 for his deep finish at the Main Event.

公共牌 6 10 K 9 9.,Winfred收获主赛第三名,奖金215,000港币

Yu gets the shove from Dong-Guo Dong强势胜出

Level: 26 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

Winfred Yu went head to head with the chip leader with Guo Dong raising it up to 120k from the button. After Sergio Aido on the small blind folded, Winfred Yu called on the big blind.

此役Guo Dong从Button位加注至十二万,Sergio Aido从小盲位弃牌,Winfred Yu从大盲位跟进

The flop of 7 8 Q stirred some action with Yu betting 90k but then faced an all in by the Dong. Yu folded and fell to 635k chips.

翻牌圈 7 8 Q,Winfred下注九万,Guo Dong all in, Winfred弃牌,筹码降至635k

Aido claims a couple of pots against Dong-Aido连下两城

Level: 26 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

Sergio Aido won a couple of decent pots against Guo Dong. In the first one, his A 8 hit trips on a board of A 7} A 9 6.

此役Sergio Aido以底牌 A 8公共牌 A 7 A 9 6达成三条

The next one saw him three-bet all in on top of Dong’s 150k raise. Dong folded.

第二回合,Sergio 3-bet all in, Guo Dong弃牌

Dong in control, rises to 3.4M-Guo Dong筹码增至三百四十万!

Level: 26 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 5000

Out of the 5.3M chips in play, Guo Dong now has 3.4M of it having just won a hefty pot from Winfred Yu. The hand got started with Yu raising to 140k on the small blind and Dong calling on the big blind. The flop came 9 K 6. Yu continued and laid out 175k, Dong flat-called. On the turn of 9, Yu checked it, Dong used the opportunity to bet it big and laid out 250k. Yu folded.

Dong up to 3.4M and Yu down to 955K.

此役Winfred Yu从小盲位加注至十四万,Guo Dong在大盲位跟进,翻牌圈  9 K 6,Yu持续下注175k,Guo Dong平跟,转牌 9,Yu过牌,Guo Dong下注二十五万,Yu弃牌,此役过后Guo Dong坐拥六成五筹码

Chip counts-筹码排行

Level: 26 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

Chip counts (approx)


Guo Dong 3.1M
Winfred Yu 1.3M
Sergio Aido 900k

Blinds are up and Dong grabs two pots-Guo Dong连下两城!

Level: 26 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

The first hand at three-handed went to Sergio Aido, but the next two went to the leader, Guo Dong.

在Sergio Aido拿下三人桌首回合之后,Guo Dong连下两城;

On the first hand, Dong three-bet Aido’s 210k raise and won it without a challenge. On the next hand, Yu raised to 210k on the button and both Dong and Aido called. The flop ran 10 4 7, Dong led out for 135k, and Aido called. At the turn of 7 and river of 2, no more bets landed on the felt and Don showed 8 10 for top two pair.

第一局,Guo Dong 3-bet Aido的二十一万加注,无人跟注;第二局,Winfred Yu在Button位加注至二十一万,得到两名对手跟注;翻牌圈 10 4 7,Guo Dong下注135k,Aido跟进,转牌  7,河牌 2落定,Guo Dong亮出底牌  8 10达成两对胜出