APT Korea Incheon 2017 Main Event

Albert Paik wins the Main Event for KRW 44,860,000 (USD 39,300)

Albert Paik is the newest APT Main Event champion and is the first player to capture the championship title at the APT Korea Incheon 2017!

Paik was awarded the KRW 44,860,000 (USD 39,300) first place purse, the APT Championship Trophy and APT Championship Ring!

Congratulations to Albert Paik for his triumph at the Main Event!!

Jinwoo Kim eliminated in 2nd on the first hand of heads up play! – KRW 25,840,000 (USD 22,600)

Level: 25 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

It only took one hand to crown the first-ever APT Korea Incheon Main Event champion and it was Albert Paik who eliminated Jinwoo Kim.

The final hand saw Kim raise to 125k, Paik three-bet to 525k, Kim shove, and snap-call Paik.

Kim A 2
Paik A K

The board ran K J 10 J 2 and that was it! Main Event over! Kim earned KRW 25,840,000 for his runner up finish while Paik won the big shebang KRW 44,860,000 first place purse!

We will have a recap for you shortly so be on the lookout for that!

Heads up!! Albert Paik vs JIniwoo Kim

Level: 25 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

With the fall of Iori Yogo in 3rd place, we are now heads up at the APT Main Event! Albert Paik leads in chips with 5.70M against Jinwoo Kim’s 3.47M.

Iori Yogo eliminated in 3rd place – KRW 17,590,000 (USD 15,400)

Past APT Main Event champion Iori Yogo will not be bringing home a second title to match the trophy on his shelf, not today. He has just been eliminated in 3rd place by Albert Paik who already crippled down the pro in the previous hands. For his final hand, the flop read J 9 7, Paik moved all in and Yogo risked it all.

Paik K K
Yogo 9 4

The turn 5 and river 5 ended Yogo’s run and he earned KRW 17,590,000.

Albert Paik’s turn to take from Iori Yogo

Level: 25 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

After Jinwook Kim took a chunk of Iori Yogo’s stack, it was Albert Paik’s turn to do the same. Action began with Kim putting in a 125k raise and was called by both Paik and Yogo. At the flop 7 K 10, they all checked and the turn opened 6. Paik led for 150k, Yogo called, and Kim bowed out. On the river 8, Paik shelled out 225k and won the pot with Yogo folding.

Paik also won the next pot. On a flop of 4 5 4, he bet 150k and Yogo called. On the 10 turn, they both checked and the same on the J river. Paik won with his A-Q over K-2. 

Jinwoo Kim three-bets Iori Yogo for the pot

Level: 25 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

Jinwoo Kim lost a big portion of his stack to Albert Paik but continued to work his way to gain it back. He won one small pot from Paik then won a heftier one against Iori Yogo. the hand got started with Kim raising to 150 and Yogo with the call. At the flop 5 K Q, Kim bet 90k, Yogo raised to 250k, then Kim three-bet to 490k. Yogo folded.

Albert Paik fires back, doubles up through the leader

Level: 25 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

Albert Paik is on the move, winning to pots against the massive chip leader Jinwoo Kim. He captalized on two big pots with the first one seeing him raise to 125k and Kim making the call. On the flop 7 4 K, he continued with a 150k bet and got called again by the leader. On the A turn both checked and the dealer revealed the 4 river. Paik schecked, Kim bet 175k, and Paik flat-called. Paik won with his 7-9 over Kim’s 8-6.

On the next hand, Paik landed a big one against Kim doubling up to over 5M in chips. The hand began with Paik raising to 125k, Kim re-raising to 325k, Paik shoving, and Kim with the call.

Paik K 10
Kim A 9

The board ran 8 10 5 8 4 and Paik shipped in the double up to 5M. Kim dropped to 3.5M.

Short stacks battle: Iori Yogo vs Albert Paik

Level: 25 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

With Kim folding on the button, the two short stacks engaged in their own battle. Iori Yogo limped in on the sb seat and Albert Paik checked. On the flop 6 7 9, Yogo checked, Paik bet 100k and Yogo called. On the Q turn, action was the same with Yogo calling the 225k bet. On the 2 river, Yogo checked, Paik banged out 450k and this time Yogo waved it off with a fold.

Jinwoo Kim dominates the felt, has over 6M

Level: 25 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

A couple of hands passed with Albert Paik and Iori Yogo winning small pots then it was back to regular programming with Jinwoo Kim on attack. He won the next five hands to go over to come close to 6M in chips.

Let’s lay the hands down…

First one was an uncalled raise. Second, Paik raised to 100k and Kim called. The board completed 2 Q 6 Q A and no bets came. Kim won with K-9. Next hand, was again an uncalled raise.

Fourth winning hand, button Kim raised to 125k and Paik called on the big blind. On the flop 4 A 5, Paik checked and Kim continued with a 70k bet. Paik called.  The 8 turn brought no bets but on the J river, it was action once again with Paik leading out with a 150k bet, Kim raising to 550k, and Paik folding up.

Immediately after, he took it as well. Yogo raised to 125k and he called on the big blind. At the flop 6 Q 8, Kim checked, Yogo bet 150k, Kim raised to 380k, Kim folded.

Chip counts at the end of this hand:

Yogo 1.48M
Paik 1.59M
Kim 6.1M