Double elimination! Dong Anh Dung rails Eugene Co and Samad Razavi

A wild and crazy hand went down at table 17 with three players with premium hands you would’ve thought this was a scene from Casino Royale. The hand kicked off with Eugene Co raising to 23k. He was called by three players, Samad Razavi, sb Van Ngoc Binh, and bb Dong Anh Dung.

At the flop K 4 K, action was checked around to Razavi who slid out a 30k bet. He was called by Dung and Co while Binh folded. On the 5 turn, Dung bet 75k, Co moved all in with his 286k, Razavi followed suit with slightly over 300k, and Dung called while having both players well covered.

Co A J nut flush
Razavi 5 5 full house
Dung K 4 higher full house

The river 6 completed the board and Dung amassed 1.4M while knocking out two players in the process.