Big stacks battle! Dong Anh Dung knocks out Van Ngoc Binh, catapults to 2.4M

Massive stacked Dong Anh Dung hadn’t even finished arranging his chips having just eliminated Eugene Co and Samad Razavi. He joined button player Van Ngoc Binh in calling Harry Duong’s 24k preflop raise.

At the flop 5 K 8, Dung checked, Duong bet 45k, and Binh moved all in with his enormous 1M stack. This seemed to give Dung something to think about as he put on his shades and tanked for a minute. He then moved all in and Duong got out of the way.

Binh 8 4 flush draw mid pair
Dung 5 5 set

The turn Q and river J didn’t improve Binh and his seven digit stack was shipped to Dung.

Dung is now the overwhelming chip leader with 2.4M. There are 79 remaining.