APT Kickoff Vietnam 2018 Main Event

Adrian Esslen wins the Main Event! Le Hong Nghia runner-up

Level: 35 Blinds: 250K-500K Ante: 50K

Adrian Esslen has done it! After two hours of Main Event heads up action Esslen defeated Le Hong Nghia to capture the APT Championship Trophy, the APT Championship Ring, and the VND 1,313,920,000 first place purse.

The final hand began with Le limping in, Esslen raising to 1.6M, Le all in, and Esslen with the call.

Le A 4
Esslen J J

When the flop landed, the window card showed A and immediately Le’s rail went wild but right underneath it was a J for a dominating set to Esslen. The next card wa a 2. The turn 7 and river A improved both of their hands further but Esslen had the better five-card spread. Le Hong Nghia earned VND 875,300,000 for his 2nd place finish.

Congratulations to our newest APT Main Event champion – Adrian Esslen! We will have a recap for you so stand by for that. For now, you can relive the action here in our Live Updates page. 

Adrian Esslen answers back, shaves off over 6M of Le Hong Nghia’s stack

Level: 35 Blinds: 250K-500K Ante: 50K

With Le Hong Nghia winning multiple pots at the start of the round Adrian Esslen answered back claiming a couple of big pots amounting over 6mil.

The first hand saw Esslen call Le’s 1M raise and the flop was dealt 4 6 Q. Esslen checked, Le continued with a 1M bet, and Esslen called. The turn A saw the same action with Esslen calling a 1.7M bet. Then on the 6 river, both players checked and Esslen won with his A 8 pair.

Esslen won the next pot as well, He raised it up to 1.2M preflop and Le called. At the flop 6 Q 3, Le fired out a 1,5m bet and Esslen called. On the K river, no bets came and Le turned over his A 5 3 pair.

Le Hong Nghai continues to dominate Adrian Esslen

Level: 35 Blinds: 250K-500K Ante: 50K

Le Hong Nghai has just claimed another pot against Adrian Esslen and it was quite a hefty one. Le raised to 1.2M, Esslen three-bet to 3.4M, Le moved all in and Esslen quickly folded.

Le Hong Nghai wins three quick pots

Level: 35 Blinds: 250K-500K Ante: 50K

Back from a quick break and already Le Hong Nghai is on attack. He just won three consecutive pots. On one of those Adrian Esslen raised to 1.25M and Le called. On the flop 6 2 4, Le checked to Esslen who bet 950k, and when action was back at him, he check-raised all in. Esslen folded.

Le Hong Nghai shoves it

Level: 34 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

For a while Adrian Esslen was in control, winning multiple pots and grinding down Le Hong Nghai. It seems Le is fighting back and has gained a bit of momentum in recovering some of his chips. On a recent hand, he three-bet all in and Esslen lost the million he put in for a raise.

Top pair for Adrian Esslen

Level: 34 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

Le Hong Nghai raised to 800 from the button and Adrian Esslen checked. The flop came K 2 5 and Esslen check-called Le’s 1M bet. Action was the same on the 4 turn with Esslen check-calling Le’s 1.5m bet. On the river, both opted to check and Esslen won with K 9 top pair.

Adrian Esslen’s small pair is good

Level: 34 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

Adrian Esslen has won several sizable pots during this ongoing heads up round. The latest one saw Le Hong Nghia raise to 1M and Esslen call. When the flop landed 6 9 2, Esslen checked, Le bet 1M, and Esslen called. On the 3 turn and J river, both players checked it and Esslen won with K 3 low pair.

Adrian Esslen shoves for the pot

Level: 34 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

There was a huge pile of chips in the middle when we looked over at the final duel. The board showed 8 J 10 2 and Le Hong Nghai had 2.3M out in front of him. Adrian Esslen smooth-called.

When the A river landed, Le shook his head and checked giving Esslen the reins. Esslen shoved and won the pot with Le folding up. Esslen showed a 6.

Heads Up! Adrian Esslen vs Le Hong Nghai

Level: 34 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

We are now heads up between Adrian Esslen and Le Hong Nghai. With Esslen railing Nguyen Hoang Anh, he is now back in the lead with around 20M while Le has 13M.

Good luck to both!