APT Kick Off 2017 Main Event

Final 8 set!-2017APT启航站主赛八强决战桌诞生!

With the elimination of Anthony Gabitan, the Final 8 of the Main Event has been established. They will be returning at 130pm tomorrow for the race to the first APT Main Event championship title of 2017. Here are the Final 8 contenders.


Czardy Rivera – Philippines – 1,276,000
Takumi Samejima – Japan – 1,193,000
Charly Wittmann – Germany – 749,000
GACKT – Japan – 721,000
Samad Razavi – UK – 385,000
Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – 211,000
Alexis Lim – Philippines – 130,000
Phua Si Yang – Singapore – 126,000

Stand by for the Day 3 recap. The Final 8 will be aired in the APT Twitch channel tomorrow with a 30-minute delay.


Anthony Gabitan ends in 9th place – US$6,590-Anthony Gabitan拿下第九名

Level: 21 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Anthony Gabitan will not be advancing to the Final 8 having just been railed by Yoichi Uesugi in 9th place. Gabitan had quite an incredible run all day rising out of the dregs to enter the unofficial final table of ten. His final hand saw Yoichi Uesugi move all in and he quickly joined him with his shorter stack.

此役日本选手Yoichi Uesugi all in, Anthony Gabitan倾尽所有跟进;

Uesugi A 8
Gabitan A Q

The board ran 8 3 9 10 4 and Uesugi shipped in all of Gabitan’s chips. Gabitan earned US$6,590 for his deep run at the Main Event.

公共牌发出 8 3 9 10 4,Uesugi达成对子胜出,Gabitan最终拿下第九名,奖金6,590美金。

Takumi Samejima crosses over 1M-Takumi筹码逾百万

Level: 21 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Takumi Samejima has just become the second player to cross the million mark. After eliminating Yin Zhang, Samejima won another big pot. It started with Yoichi Uesugi laying out a 40k raise and both blind Samejima and GACKT with the call.

在淘汰中国选手Yin Zhang之后,Takumi此役携手GACKT跟进Yoichi Uesugi的四万下注;

At the flop of 9 3 3, action was checked to Uesugi who bet 80k and was check-called only by Samejima. On the turn of J, no betting action took place and the river J was felted. Changing gears was Samejima with a big bet of 105k and Uesugi flat called. Samejima turned open 9 9 for a dominating full house over Uesugi’s K Q flush.

翻牌圈发出 9 3 3,Uesugi下注八万,Samejima跟进,GACKT弃牌,转牌 J,双方过牌,河牌 J落定,Samejima掷下豪注105k,Uesugi平跟,Samejima亮出底牌 9 9达成满堂红,Uesugi底牌 K Q以同花憾负。

Samejima now at 1.2M in chips.


Yin Zhang bows out in 10th place – US$5,990-Yin Zhang拿下第十名

Level: 21 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

China’s Yin Zhang ran well at the Main Event, entering Day 3 as one of the leaders. Throughout the day his stack swung erratically that he entered the final ten below average. With his stack continuing to fall, he moved all in and Takumi Samejima called.

此役中国选手Yin Zhang于翻牌前all in,日本选手Takumi Samejima跟进;

Zhang K 5
Samejima A K

The board ran 9 Q J A 9 and Zhang was eliminated in 10th place. He earned US$5,990 for his deep run.

公共牌发出 9 Q J A 9,Yin Zhang不幸出局,拿下主赛第十名,奖金5,990美金。
Samejima increases to over 850K.

GACKT recovers a little-GACKT扳回一城

Level: 21 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

After losing the previous pot to the leader, GACKT entered the next hand and successfully won the pot. He limped in from the utg+1 seat, joined by sb Charly Wittmann, and Yin Zhang on the big blind checked.

在早前输掉一局之后,GACKT此役从UTG+1位平跟入局,小盲位Charly Wittmann和大盲位Yin Zhang相继过牌;

At the flop of 7 8 10, action was checked to GACKT who bet 40k and won the pot with both opponents folding.

翻牌圈发出 7 8 10,GACKT下注四万,其余人弃牌。

Czardy Rivera wins big pot against GACKT, reaches 1.3M-Rivera筹码增至一百三十万

Level: 21 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Czardy Rivera has been the chip leader for some time and rightfully so as he continues to accumulate chips. In this hand against GACKT, Rivera raised to 68k and limper GACKT called.


The flop of K 4 A saw both players check for a free turn card of 5. GACKT checked, Rivera bet 45k, and GACKT called. On the river of 10, GACKT checked, Rivera bet 85k, and was again called. Rivera showed A Q top pair and GACKT mucked his hand.

翻牌圈 K 4 A,双方过牌,转牌 5,GACKT过牌,Rivera下注四万五,GACKT跟注,河牌 10落定,GACKT继续过牌,Rivera下注八万五,GACKT跟进,Rivera亮出底牌 A Q达成顶对,GACKT埋牌。

Alexis Lim loses two more pots-Alexis连失两局

Level: 21 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Alexis Lim just lost a pot to GACKT and proceeded to lose two more with the first one against the leader Czardy Rivera. The hand saw Rivera limp in from the sb seat and Lim check. The board ran 7 A 4 8 6 with both players checking all the way. Rivera won with his K 6 pair.

首回合Alexis Lim在大盲位过牌,领头羊Czardy Rivera从小盲位平跟入局,双方一路过牌至公共牌发出 7 A 4 8 6,Rivera最终以底牌 K 6达成对子胜出;

The second hand saw Lim raise to 50k on the button but folded to bb Razavi’s all in for over 330k. Razavi showed his A 10 hole cards.

次回合,Alexis Lim从Button位加注至五万,大盲位Razavi all in 三十三万筹码,Lim弃牌,Razavi友好亮出底牌 A 10

A good pot for GACKT -GACKT达成顶对胜出

Level: 21 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

GACKT went up against Alexis Lim for this pot which started with Lim laying out a 42k bet. GACKT defended his big blind and called.

此役面对Alexis Lim, GACKT从大盲位跟注Lim的四万二加注;

At the flop of A 10 2, GACKT led for 25k and Lim called. On the turn of Q, GACKT continued and bet 30k, Lim called. On the river of 6, action was no different with GACKT betting 35k, and Lim with the call. GACKT turned open A K for the win.

翻牌圈发出 A 10 2,GACKT下注两万五,Lim跟进,转牌发出 Q,GACKT持续下注三万,Lim跟进,河牌 6落定,GACKT笃定下注三万五,Lim持续跟进,GACKT随后亮出底牌 A K达成顶对胜出。

Samejima climbs to over 700K-Samejima筹码升至逾七十万

Level: 21 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Takumi Samejima is clearly back in the game with a stack well above average stack earned in a hand against Yin Zhang. It began with a Samejima raising to 45k and Zhang calling from the small blind.

此役Takumi Samejima率先加注至四万五,中国选手Yin Zhang从小盲位跟进;

At the flop of Q 5 K, Zhang checked it, Samejima continued with a 55k bet, and Zhang called. On the turn of A both players checked but on the river of 9, action picked up. Zhang switched gears and led for 65k, Samejima moved all in, and Zhang gave up his challenge for the pot. Samejima showed his A 3 nut flush. He now has over 700K.

翻牌圈发出 Q 5 K,Yin Zhang过牌,Samejima持续下注五万五,Yin Zhang跟进,转牌 A,双方过牌,河牌 9落定,Yin Zhang转守为攻,下注六万五,Samejima all in, Yin Zhang随之弃牌,Samejima友好亮出底牌 A 3达成同花,此番过后,Samejima筹码升至逾七十万。