APT Kick Off 2016 Main Event

Day 1b ends with 35 survivors

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Day 1b is now in the books with 35 players surviving the day. The chip leader was Jeon Seung Soo with 134,125 chips.

Short-stacked Falcon gets a straight for a double up

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Short stacks continue to gain some ground such was the case of Michael Kim Falcon. He started the hand limping in, then Jacob Dy raised to 2300, Falcon moved all in with his 7k chips, and Dy called. Falcon had Q 8 against Dy’s A K. The board ran 10 J A 9 2 giving Falcon a straight and a happy double up.

Marzan doubles up through Delos Reyes, then rails her

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Edison Marzan and Regie Ann Delos Reyes were in a hand together that began with a raise by Delos Reyes to 1200. Marzan on the big blind called and the flop was laid out 3 9 8. Acting first, Marzan bet 3500, Delos Reyes jammed it to 7k, and Marzan paused for thought. After a couple of minutes, he shoved forĀ  a total of 8275 and in a snap, Delos Reyes called. Delos Reyes had Q 9 for top pair and was sorely behind Marzan’s K K. The turn of 8 and river of 6 were no help to Delos Reyes and Marzan doubled up.

A few hands after, we heard Delos Reyes erupt for some luck at the table but it seemed she didn’t get what she was looking for as she packed up to go. Marzan railed her with his nut flush hearts.

Geshkenbein unafraid of Lee Jong Yeol

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

With the field downsized to some very tough contenders, Vlad Geshkenbein showed how tough he was against the players at his table. During this hand, the hand began with Geshkenbein raising to 1200 and getting called by the blinds, Lee Jong Yeol and Yoichi Fujiya. At the flop of 6 2 10, action was checked to Geshkenbein who bet 2200. From the sb seat, Yeol check-raised to 4500, Fujiya folded, and Geshkenbein called. On the turn of 8 Q.

Tech doubles up another short one, Puche

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

John Tech seems to be in the business of doubling up the little ones. In this hand he raised to 1100 then called the all in of Samuel Puche of 7500. Tech had A 9 and Puche had A 10. The board ran 2 5 6 4 4 giving Puche the double up with his higher kicker in play.

Park wins the war vs Lee

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Sungchang Park and Tommy Lee engaged in a preflop raise war that started with a 1025 raise by Park. Lee three-bet to 4450. Park shoved. Lee eventually folded.

Popov earns a nice pot with A-K vs Falcon

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Action began with Michael Kim Falcon raising to 1200 preflop only to get repopped to 3100 by Slaven Popov. Falcon called and the dealer spread the flop of K A 9. Both players checked. At the turn of 3, Falcon checked again, Popov bet 2875, and Falcon smooth-called. On the river of 9, Falcon checked to Popov who continued and bet 5625. Falcon flat-called and mucked when Popov opened up A K for top two pairs.

Sanchez doubled up by Tech again

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Greg Sanchez is now two-for-two against John Tech after landing a double up through him once again. Sanchez had A Q and Tech had 3 3. The board ran J Q J J 6 giving Sanchez the higher full house.

Late re-entry Fujiya doubles up

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Just before late registration closed, Yoichi Fujiya re-entered to try his luck once more. This hand surely made him happy after being rewarded a double up. It started with him raising to 1200 and was called by Kenneth Buck. At the flop of 10 9 Q, Buck moved all in and Fujiya did the same.

Fujiya J 10

Buck 9 3

The turn of 5 and river of 7 kept Fujiya on top and he doubled up.