APT Finale Macau Championships 2017

Varun Gupta wins the Main Event! – HKD 300,400

India’s Varun Gupta is the new APT Main Event champion! He came from behind to defeat Jack En-Ching Wu in the heads up round to pocket HKD 300,400 and the APT Championship Trophy! Gupta was also awarded the APT Championship Ring exclusively for APT featured event champions.

Congratulations to Varun Gupta!

We will have a recap for you so check back with us on that. For now, read up on all the action in the the live updates.

Jack En-Ching Wu eliminated in 2nd place – HKD 310,000

Level: 27 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

Jack En-Ching Wu could not stop the firestorm that went down at the heads up round with Varun Gupta simply dominating the highly decorated pro. Gupta won pot after pot until the final hand arrived.

Gupta raised to 90k, Wu jammed, Gupta snap-called.

Gupta K J
Wu J 10

The board ran 3 Q 3 3 9 and with no hits for Wu, he was eliminated in 2nd place. Due to the deal, he earned HKD 310,000.

Varun Gupta pulling away

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

Varun Gupta claimed another pot off Jack En-Ching Wu to distance himself further and be within reach of the coveted title. He limped in from the button and Wu checked. Both players checked it to the turn 5 10 3 9, but on the 4 river, Wu led for 50k, Gupta raised to 175k, and Wu called. Gupta opened A 2 for a straight. Wu mucked in disbelief.

Wu continued to lose two more pots and is down to 640k. Gupta at 3.3M.

Varun Gupta answers back for the chip lead

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

The next showdown just took place however before the duel, Varun Gupta shoved out of position. This gave Jack En-Ching Wu the option of limping in which would in turn commit Gupta to the all in. Wu limped then called the shove.

Gupta 4 4
WU A 7

The board landed 10 9 8 2 K for a double up back to chip lead. Gupta now at 2.920M and Wu down to 1,005,000.

Jack En-Ching Wu with a double up, retakes lead

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

Jack En-Ching Wu snap-called Varun Gupta’s shove for the first all in showdown of the heads up round.

Gupta 3 3
Wu 8 8

The board ran dry for a double up to Wu. He now has 2.430M and Gupta 1.495M.

Jack En-Ching Wu continues to drop

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

Jack En-Ching Wu has lost another weighted pot to Varun Gupta. Gupta raised to 60k on the button, Wu three-bet to 200k, and Gupta flat-called. On the flop J A 8, both checked. On the turh 6, Wu led for 125k, Gupta raised to 300k, Wu folded. Wu goes below 1.1M.

Lead switches with Varun Gupta winning 3 pots

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

Varun Gupta has usurped the lead. He is now up 2.3 versus Wu’s 1.6M. It took three sizable pots to bring him there.

The first one saw Gupta raise to 75k and Wu call on the bb. At the flop A 4 8 both checked. The turn J brought a 75k bet from Wu and Gupta called. On the 6 river, Wu checked, Gupta fired out 150k, and that was good enough to win the pot with Wu folding.

Next pot saw a raise to 70k by Wu and Gupta defending his big blind. On the flop 6 6 J, Gupta check-called Wu’s 50k bet. He did the same on the J turn for a 125k bet. And on the 9 river, both slowed to a check and Gupta won with his A 9 two pair.

The third hand that took the lead began with Gupta raising to 75k and Wu called on the big blind. On the flop 2 K 10, both checked. On the 8 turn, Wu led for 60k and Gupta matched. On the river 6, Wu slid out 125k, Gupta popped it up to 300k, and Wu surrendered his hand.

Deal reached

The players have reached a deal. Jack En-Ching Wu is guaranteed HKD 310,000 and Varun Gupta HKD 289,400. They will play for HKD 20,000 and the trophy.

Heads up!

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

We are now heads up here between Jack En-Ching Wu and Varun Gupta! Here are the chip counts:

Jack En-Ching Wu 2.33M
Varun Gupta 1.595M

Good luck to both!