APT Finale Macau 2016 Main Event

SJ Kim wins the APT Finale Macau Main Event! – HKD647,300-SJ Kim荣登冠军

Level: 30 Blinds: 80000-160000 Ante: 20000

SJ Kim receives the Main Event trophy from PKC President Winfred Yu

Korea’s SJ Kim has done it! He has just won the APT Finale Macau Main Event!

韩国选手SJ Kim如愿斩获2016APT年终扑克巡回赛澳门站冠军!

The final hand between Kim and Yifan Zheng saw Zheng shove all in and Kim with the snap-call. Zheng opened up 5 5 but Kim had better, opening up 10 10. The rail erupted.

在最后一回合,Yifan Zheng all in, Kim随即跟进,Zheng底牌 5 5,Kim底牌 10 10

The board ran K J 2 3 Q and with no hits for Zheng, it was all over. Zheng was eliminated in 2nd place for a HKD369,500 cash prize and Kim shipped in the massive first prize of HKD647,300, the championship trophy, and the APT Championship Ring.

公共牌发出 K J 2 3 Q,Yifan Zheng拿下亚军,奖金369,500港币,SJ Kim 收获冠军奖金647,300港币,主赛冠军奖杯及戒指。

Congratulations to SJ Kim for capturing the last APT Main Event title of 2016!

恭喜SJ Kim!

Yifan Zheng doubles up to 2.2M-Yifan Zheng筹码攀升至肆佰贰拾万

Level: 30 Blinds: 80000-160000 Ante: 20000

Main Event Runner Up, Yifan Zheng

After several small pot exchanges preflop, we finally saw a full board. It was a big hand with Yifan Zheng doubling up. SJ Kim shoved on the button and Zheng gambled for his tournament life.

此役Kim在Button位all in, Zheng倾尽所有跟进

Kim 6 A
Zheng J 9

The board ran K 3 J 5 Q and with a pair, Zheng shipped in a double up to 2.2M.

公共牌 K 3 J 5 Q,Zheng以对子胜出,成功翻番,筹码升至肆佰肆拾万

Heads up between SJ Kim and Yifan Zheng-单挑局

Level: 30 Blinds: 80000-160000 Ante: 20000

China’s Yifan Zheng vs. Korea’s SJ Kim

With the knockout of two players, it was heads up between SJ Kim and Yifan Zheng.

现时比赛进入单挑局,SJ Kim对阵Yifan Zheng

Kim has a massive chip lead with 12,130,000 and Zheng with 1,495,000.

Kim筹码量12,130,000 Yifan Zheng筹码量 1,495,000

Double elimination! SJ Kim rails Lu Yunye in 3rd and Steffen Endres in 4th! -SJ Kim大获丰收

Level: 30 Blinds: 80000-160000 Ante: 20000

Chip leader SJ Kim just delivered a double elimination sending Lu Yunye out in 3rd place and Steffen Endres out in 4th place. It was a cooler of a hand with Endres all in, called by Kim, then Yunye shoved, and still Kim called.

此役Endres all in, Kim跟进,Lu Yunye随即all in, Kim继续跟进

Endres 7 7
Kim A A
Yunye K K

The board tossed only bricks at Yunye and Endres as it ran 2 10 3 10 3. And just like that, two players were eliminated and Kim shipped in a monstrous stack.

公共牌 2 10 3 10 3,Endres和Yunye同时出局,Kim喜获丰收

Yunye earned HKD249,000 for his 3rd place finish. Endres earned HKD175,600 for his 4th place finish.

Lu Yunye拿下第三名,奖金249,000港币,Endres收获第四名,奖金175,600港币

Steffen Endres doubles up through Yifan Zheng-Steffen Endres翻番成功

Level: 30 Blinds: 80000-160000 Ante: 20000

In an all in preflop moment, Steffen Endres had A J and Yifan Zheng with A 4. The board ran A 10 2 A 7 and kicker played, giving Endres a double up to 2.5M. Zheng dropped to 1.8M.

此役Steffen Endres和Yifan Zheng分别以底牌 A JA 4于翻牌前all in, 翻牌圈 A 10 2 A 7,Endres顺利翻番至两百五十万,Zheng筹码降至一百八十万

SJ Kim wins two pots from Yifan Zheng-SJ Kim连下两城!

Level: 30 Blinds: 80000-160000 Ante: 20000

Chip leader SJ Kim continued to distance himself from the rest after winning two pots against Yifan Zheng. The first hand saw Zheng limp in from the button and Kim check his big blind. When the flop came A 4 10, both players checked. On the turn of 6, Kim took a stab at the pot and bet 120k. That was enough to win it with Zheng folding.

首回合,Yifan Zheng从Button位平跟,Kim在大盲位过牌,翻牌圈 A 4 10,双方过牌,转牌 6,Kim下注120k,Zheng弃牌;

The next pot saw Zheng raise to 250k and Kim called on the small blind. The board completed to A J 6 K 2 with a bet laid out only on the river. Kim sent out 330k. He  won the pot with Zheng folding.

第二回合,Zheng加注至250k,Kim从小盲位跟进,公共牌 A J 6 K 2,Kim下注330k,Zheng弃牌

Chips move around the felt-场面趋紧

Level: 29 Blinds: 60000-120000 Ante: 20000

The past few hands saw no heavy activity.


Steffen Endres raised from the utg position and found no callers. He won the blinds and antes.

Stefen Endres从UTG未加注,无人应;

SJ Kim did the same, raised on the utg position, and Endres called. The flop of 3 9 K saw Kim bet and Endres check-folded.

SJ Kim从UTG位加注,Endres跟进,翻牌圈 3 9 K,Kim下注,Endres弃牌;

Sj Kim raised 235k, Lu Yunye shoved, and he won with Kim folding.

SJ Kim加注至235k,Lu Yunye all in, Kim弃牌;

Endres moved all in on the utg seat and won the blind and antes with no callers.

Endres从UTG位all in, 无人跟进

Lu Yunye loses a little more-Yifan Zheng拿下底池

Level: 29 Blinds: 60000-120000 Ante: 20000

Lu Yunye lost another pot but it wasn’t nearly as big as the double up to SJ Kim. The hand saw Yifan Zhang raise to 250k and Yunye calling from the big blind. At the flop of A 7 9, they checked and the turn came 3. Still no betting action, and the river was 5. Yunye checked, Zheng bet 200k, and he won the pot with Yunye tossing cards in the muck pile.

此役Yifan Zheng加注至250k,Lu Yunye从大盲位跟进,翻牌圈 A 7 9,双方过牌,转牌 3河牌 5,Yunye过牌,Zheng下注200k,Yunye埋牌告负

SJ Kim lands massive double up, soars to 6M-SJ Kim筹码增至逾六百万

Level: 29 Blinds: 60000-120000 Ante: 20000

SJ Kim has just taken the chip lead after going head-to-head against the massive chip leader, Lu Yunye. But just before that, Yunye won a hand against Kim on his uncalled three-bet. The big hand between them happened two hands later. Yunye raised to 300k, re-raised by Kim to 920k, Yunye all in, and Kim with the snap-call.

在两回合之前面对Yunye的3-bet选择弃牌之后,SJ Kim此役面对Yunye的300k下注,猛推920k,Yunye all in, Kim闪跟

Yunye 5 5
Kim J J

The board ran 9 J K 6 10 and with no improvement from the leader, Kim was awarded a massive pile of chips amounting to over 6M. He is now the dominating chip leader. Yunye fell to 2.9M.

公共牌发出 9 J K 6 10,Kim筹码增至逾六百万,Yunye筹码滑落至两百九十万