APT Cebu 2016 Main Event

Alex Ward wins the APT Cebu 2016 Main Event-恭喜Alex Ward荣获2016APT宿务站主赛冠军!

Level: 27 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

Alex Ward has eliminated Ji Young Kim to capture the APT Cebu 2016 Main Event title, the APT Championship Ring, and the P1,783,000 first place cash prize. He was all in with Kim while holding J 10 against her A K. The board gave him a pair 7 9 J 9 5 and he won his first-ever APT championship trophy.

Congratulations to Alex Ward for his victory!

Alex Ward最终淘汰韩国女将Ji Young Kim夺取2016APT宿务站主赛冠军,奖金P1,783,000,除冠军奖杯外,Alex还可获得APT的定制冠军戒指,在最终章里,Alex和Ji Young分别以手牌 J 10A KAll In, 公共牌 7 9 J 9 5让Alex以对子胜出,拿下冠军。

恭喜Alex Ward!

Ji Young Kim finishes in second place – P1,044,000-Ji Young憾别最终桌,获得亚军

Level: 27 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

Ji Young Kim has just been eliminated with her A K up against Alex Ward’s J 10. Despite having the better hand, she could not find any partners on the board as it ran 7 9 J 9 5 giving Ward a pair and the win. Kim bowed out as the runner up and earned P1,044,000 for her fantastic run at the Main Event.

在刚结束的一回合中,Ji Young Kim以手牌 A K不敌Alex Ward的 J 10,公共牌 7 9 J 9 5让Alex达成对子胜出,Ji Young最终拿下亚军,奖金P1,044,000.

Big double up, Ward retakes the lead-Ward再次登顶!

Level: 27 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

Alex Ward has taken back the chip lead and now has a 3:1 chip advantage over Ji Young Kim. During the hand, Kim raised to 85k and Ward called. At the flop of Q K 2, Ward checked, Kim bet 105k, and Ward check-raised to 255k. Kim announced all in and Ward called for his tournament life. Kim had K 3 for top pair but Ward had better K 2 for two pair. The turn of 10 and river of J were not the outs Kim needed and Ward doubled up to over 2.1M chips while Kim spiraled down to 700k.

单挑局逐渐进入焦灼状态,在Ji Young刚胜出不久,Alex便又重回领头羊的角色,此役Ji Young加注至八万五,Ward跟注,翻牌 Q K 2,Ward过牌,Ji Young下注105,000,Ward加注至255,000,Ji Young All In,Ward应声梭哈,Ji Young手牌 K 3 ,Ward K 2,转牌 10,河牌 J都没能帮到Ji Young,最终Alex以两对胜出,筹码增至逾两百一十万,而Ji Young仅剩七十万筹码。

Kim doubles up, takes the lead-Ji Young再次”金”光四射!

Level: 27 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

In the second hand of the heads up round, Ji Y0ung Kim doubled up. Alex Ward started the action with a raise to 80k, Kim three-bet to 185k, Ward shoved, and Kim called. Ward had K 10 and Kim was ahead with A 8. The board ran A 2 5 4 4 and the rail erupted as Kim doubled up and took the lead with over 1.6m chips.

在单挑局的第二回合里,Ji Young成功翻番!此役Alex Ward先加注至八万,Ji Young下注至185,000,Ward All In, Ji Young跟注,Ward手牌 K 10 ,Ji Young手牌 A 8,公共牌 A 2 5 4 4让Ji Young以两对胜出,此回合过后Ji Young占下头把交椅,筹码逾一百六十万。

Heads up: Ward vs Kim-单挑对决:Ward VS Ji Young

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

We are down to two players with Alex Ward holding 2,040,000 chips against Ji Young Kim with 845k chips.

最终桌现已进入单挑局,Alex Ward坐拥 2,040,000筹码,Ji Young Kim筹码为845,000.

Michael Kim Falcon ends in 3rd place – P723,000-Michael拿下第三名!

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

Michael Kim Falcon ran out of gas and was down to his remaining 255k. He shoved on top of Alex Ward’s raise and was called. Falcon had 10 8 and Ward had K 6. The board ran K J 3 4 Q and Falcon’s run ended in third place. He earned P723,000 for his finish.

Michael Kim Falcon在上回合遭受重创之后已无心作战,他在翻牌前以All In回应Ward的加注,Ward随即跟注,Falcon手牌 10 8,Ward K 6,公共牌 K J 3 4 Q,Falcon最终斩获第三名,奖金P723,000.

Ward doubles up, new chip leader-Ward重回头把交椅!

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

Alex Ward has just scooped up a massive double up against Michael Kim Falcon. He raised to 75k preflop and Falcon called. At the flop of 7 5 4, Ward bet 55k, Falcon raised to 200k, Ward shoved, and Falcon called. Ward had 7 10 and Falcon had 3 7. The turn of 8 and river of A kept Ward on top and he doubled up to 1.5m chips. Falcon fell to around 250k.

Alex Ward(英国)在翻牌前加注七万五,Falcon跟注,翻牌 7 5 4,Ward下注五万五,Falcon加注至二十万,Ward All In,Falcon跟注,Ward手牌 7 10,Falcon 3 7,转牌 8以及河牌 A 让Ward持续领先,此役过后,Ward筹码增至一百五十万,而Falcon则仅剩二十五万筹码。

Kim raises Falcon out of the pot, then wins another-Ji Young越打越顺,一路凯歌!

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

In a raised pot preflop, the three remaining players saw a flop land 7 10 4. Alex Ward checked, Michael Kim Falcon bet 100k, Ji Young Kim raised to 275k, and won it with both Ward and Falcon folding.

在翻牌前就有加注筹码的一局中,有三名选手竞相角逐,翻牌 7 10 4,Alex Ward过牌,Michael下注十万,Ji Young加注至275,000,在无人应战的情况下拿下底池。

Immediately after winning that hand, Kim was scooping up chips again. She called Ward’s raise of 60k and they saw a flop land 2 K 8. She checked to Ward who bet 50k and she flat-called. On the turn of 9 and river of J, they both checked and Kim won with her king-queen top pair.

在接下来的一局中,Ji Young再次胜出,她先是跟注Ward的六万加注,翻牌 2 K 8,Ji Young过牌,Ward下注五万,Ji Young跟注,转牌 9以及河牌 J出现后,双方均选择过牌,最终Ji Young以K-Q达成的高对胜出。

JC Sayo out in 4th place – P527,000-JC Sayo拿下第四名!

Level: 26 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

JC Sayo played his last hand of the Main Event. He went all in and right after him was Alex Ward also announcing he was all in. With no other players joining in, it was a showdown with Sayo holding A 9 and Ward with A Q. The board bricked and Sayo was out in 4th place. He earned P527,000 for his finish.

JC Sayo在翻牌前All In, Alex Ward也随即All In,Sayo手牌 A 9,Ward A Q,公共牌对双方都无帮助,最终Sayo排名第四,奖金P527,000