APT Asian Series Manila 2013 Main Event

Flopped Destiny: Rivera is your APT Asian Series Manila 2013 Main Event Champion (PHP 4,270,000)

Level: 34 Blinds: 100000-20000 Ante: 20000

Congratulations Czardy Earldale Rivera for winning the APT Asian Series Manila 2013 Main Event title and the champ’s purse of PHP 4,270,000.

Rivera’s winning hand came via a preflop all-in showdown with compatriot Lester Edoc.

Edoc, with less than a million chips, shoved with his A 10 and Rivera, with a dominating chip lead with over 6M in chips, called with K 3.

But as destiny would have it, Rivera flopped the flush on the board 4 8 Q. The turn A and river A arrived and formalized his entry into the APT record books as one of its champions.

Edoc Settles for Runner-Up Finish (2nd place – PHP 2,430,000)

Level: 33 Blinds: 60000-120000 Ante: 20000

Edoc shoved his final million or less in what would be the final hand of the main event.  Unfortunately for him, Rivera flopped the flush and never looked back.
Edoc wins over PHP 2.3M for his efforts.

Rivera Dominating Edoc in Heads-up

Level: 33 Blinds: 80000-160000 Ante: 20000

Both players limped into the flop K J 10.

On the turn 10, Rivera led out for 400K and Edoc called.

Rivera bet another 700K on the river 9 and after 5 minutes in the tank… called.

Bad one as Rivera tabled A J. Rivera’s stack grows to over 6M in this hand while dropping Edoc to below a million..

Head-to-Head: Filipino vs. Filipino

Level: 33 Blinds: 80000-160000 Ante: 20000

The Philippines’ bets face-off in the heads-up round!

Lester Edoc has 3,255,000 versus Czardy Rivera with 4,245,000 going into this head to head!

Edoc Finishes Off Torres (3rd place – PHP 1,632,000.00)

Level: 32 Blinds: 60000-120000 Ante: 20000

Vic Torres shoved with 1.4M left and Lester Edoc felt that the guy across him was just trying to steal the blinds and antes.

He was correct.

Torres: J 9
Edoc: K 7

Edoc needed no help but made a hit on a flop of K 2 8. Turn was a 9 that added outs for Torres but the river K formalized the latter’s exit from the main event.

Torres exits at 3rd and is PHP 1.632M richer.

Rivera Ends Kukreja’s Run (4th Place – PHP 1,146,000)

Level: 32 Blinds: 60000-120000 Ante: 200000

Very short-stacked at this point, Haresh Kukreja moved all-in with his final 500K and just K 8. Rivera from across him thought for a bit but decided to make the call with an even worse hand: 9 7

Immediately, the flop 9 4 4 gave the lead to Rivera. Turn 2 and river 8 changed nothing which means that Kukreja is out of the tournament.

He still goes home with PHP 1.146M though so it’s still a successful main event for the player from India.

Turned King Keeps Haresh Alive!

Level: 32 Blinds: 60000-120000 Ante: 20000

With his final 620K or so, Haresh Kukreja moved all in with K J and needed help against Rivera’s A 9.

Flop 8 5 7 did not provide one but the turn K did doubling up Kukreja to around 1.5M in chips.

Torres’ Turn

Level: 32 Blinds: 60000-120000 Ante: 20000

Lester Edoc’s 270K preflop was met by Victorino Torres to bring the flop 3 6 J.

Edoc bet 250K and Torres replied with a re-pop to 700K. Enough to give him the huge pot and the chip lead ove Edoc.

Torres has now over 2.1M and Edoc down to 1.2M in chips.