APT Asian Poker Series Manila 2015 Main Event

Yah Loon wins the Main Event – PHP3,503,600

Singaporean player Yah Loon has just eliminated China’s Weiyi Zhang and collected himself PHP3,503,600 plus his first APT championship title! Congratulations to Loon!

Weiyi Zhang finishes in 2nd place – PHP2,400,000(Zhang Weiyi最终拿下第二名!)

Level: 29 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

It only took two hands for the champion to be crowned with Yah Loon defeating Weiyi Zhang at the heads up round. The final hand began with Loon limping in then calling Zhang’s raise of 140k. At the flop of 8 7 6, Zhang bet 200k, was raised by Loon to 580k, then Zhang shoved. Without a flinch, Loon called and opened up his 9 5 straight way ahead of Zhang’s A 8. With the turn of K and river of J, Zhang could not improve and bowed out in 2nd place. Zhang earns PHP2,400,000 for his runner-up finish.

最终桌单挑局在两局内便宣告结束,新加坡选手Loon以手牌 9 5 翻牌圈 8 7 6达成顺子,Zhang Weiyi手牌 A 8,转牌 K ,河牌 J也无关紧要,最终Zhang Weiyi收获亚军奖金PHP2,400,000!

Heads up!

Level: 29 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

We are now heads up between Singapore’s Yah Loon and China’s Weiyi Zhang. Loon leads with 5,150,000 chips. Zhang has 1,665,000 chips. The players have struck a deal and Loon is guaranteed PHP3m and Zhang PHP2.4m. They are now playing for the remaining PHP503,600 and the championship title.

Jun Javalera stopped in 3rd place – PHP1,445,500

Level: 29 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

It was a devastating river card for Jun Javalera who was just eliminated by chip leader Yah Loon. It all began with a all three players in the hand with an upraised pot in the middle. With the board running 3 6 7, Loon kicked off the betting round with 100k, Zhang folded, but Javalera raised to make it 325k. Zhang called and they went to see a turn of 4. Loon announced all in and despite knowing he was way covered, Javalera called for his tournament life and it was a showdown. Javalera was ahead with 10 10 against Loon’s 9 7 lower pair but had a flush draw. The river card was then opened, it was a 10, giving Javalera a set but still not good enough as it also improved Loon to a flush. Javalera ends the Main Event in 3rd place and collects PHP1,445,500 for his impressive finish.

It is a shoving fest

Level: 29 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

Blinds are up, and with that, Weiyi Zhang goes all in for 1.4m chips. No callers. We are still three-handed. Next hand, Yah Loon mimicked Zhang and he too shoved. Still no callers.

Loon gets aggressive for the pot

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

Last hand of the level saw Jun Javalera raise to 100k only to get re-raised by Yah Loon to 325k. Javalera obliged and the dealer spread 7 9 7 on the table. Loon bet 360k, Javalera called. On the turn of Q, Loon went over the top and shoved his monster stack in the middle. This was much too much for Javalera and quickly relinquished his hand.

Loon doubles up Javalera, climbs to 1.7m

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

Looking to get back in the seven-digit category, Jun Javalera and Yah Loon were in an unraised pot with the board showing 3 4 5. Acting first, Javalera bet 50k and Loon called. At the turn of Q, Javalera bet 50k again but this time Loon took it further and raised to 300k. This prompted Javalera to move all in for 810k and Loon quickly called. Loon had K 6 for a straight draw flush draw against Javalera’s A A, and when the river felted K, it wasn’t the out Loon was looking for. Javalera doubled up to 1.7m.

Zhang works to gain some back

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5000

Weiyi Zhang may have lost a huge chunk of his chips against Yah Loon but quickly went back to work to recoup as much as possible. Zhang won a pot against Jun Javalera, adding over 200k more to his stack, then another 100k after three-betting Loon out of a pot pre flop.

Huge double up for Loon!

The biggest pot of the day has just been awarded to Yah Loon in a hand against chip leader Weiyi Zhang. Action began with Loon raising to 100k, re-raised by Zhang to 250k, and flat-called by Loon. At the flop of 10 5 2, Zhang slid out 250k and Loon quietly called. At the turn of 9, Zhang opted to check, Loon bet 500k, Zhang called. Final card of 6 completed the board and Zhang checked again. Loon moved all in for 1.12m and Zhang called for a massive pot in the middle. Loon showed his 7 4 flush, Zhang mucked, and Loon sky rocketed to 4.25m with that double up. Loon is now the overwhelming chip leader. Zhang went down to 1.3m.