APT Player of the Year

“Get Immortalized by becoming the APT Player of the Year!”

The APT Overall and Regional Players of the Year are a cumulative measure of players’ performances in Asian Poker Tour events throughout the year.

Awards for being APT Overall Player of the Year:

  1. APT Player of the Year Trophy
  2. US$ 10,000 worth of Asian Poker Tour Main Event buy ins at an event of his/her choice*
  3. Customized APT jacket
  4. Worldwide recognition as APT Player of the Year through APT Marketing
  5. Featured in Asian Poker Tour 2017 Player booklets
Award for APT Regional Players of the Year (APT RPOY): USD 2,000 each worth of APT tournament buy ins
    • APT RPOY International (Not from any of the countries mentioned below)
    • APT RPOY China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Chinese Taipei/Taiwan)
    • APT RPOY Japan
    • APT RPOY Korea
    • APT RPOY Philippines

*If the APT POY prize is used to enter an event, the Player must wear only the provided APT branded gear.
*APT Player of the Year will be announced at the closing event of the year

The APT Player of the Year points can be earned by playing Asian Poker Tour and APT Poker Weekend Series events for the year. The APT Player of the Year Points System is computed based on:

  1. Event Buy-in
  2. Event Field Size
  3. Finish / Rank

We do encourage our players to check their points and let us know if there are any updates that need to be made. For any concerns, please feel free to contact us via Info@TheAsianPokerTour.com

Notes on APT POY Formula:

  • Only players receiving a cash prize will be eligible for points.
  • When making any type of deal where it changes the posted payouts (bubble saves, creating another place, ICM, chops of any kind where players are playing for the must 15% of 1st place) regardless of what type of deal is made, the remaining points will be chopped evenly amongst the player involved in the deal.
  • The Buy-Ins at all events will be converted to US Dollars (US$) on the Day of the event to determine the conversion  The prevailing conversion rate at [www.oanda.com] at the close of Day 1A of the Main Event shall be followed.
  • APT has absolute and sole discretion in the computation and determination of the APT POY award.

Buy-in Type x Field Size/Pay Break x Type of Event/Place Points = APT Player of the Year points

A Player joins the Head Hunter Event with a buy-in of US$ 200 (= 1.2 multiplier). Registration closes with 107 players (= 2.5 multiplier). You end up placing 5th (= 38 points). 1.2 X 2.5 X 38 = 114 APT Player of the Year Points!

Mutiplier Determined by Buy-In Type
Sample Type of events Buy-Ins in US$ Multiplier
Deep Stack Turbo 159 and Below 1
Head Hunter Event 160 – 399 1.2
Mid Size Freezeout Events 400 – 699 1.4
APT Asian Series Main Event 700 – 1,999 1.6
APT Phlilippines Main Event 2,000 – 4,999 1.8
APT High Rollers 5,000 and above 2
Field Size/Pay Break Mutiplier
Min Players Max Players Multiplier
2 27 1
28 75 1.5
76 100 2
101 180 2.5
181 270 3
271 360 3.5
361 450 4
451 630 4.5
Points Based on Type of Event
Hold’em & Omaha Events
Place Points
1 100
2 70
3 50
4 44
5 38
6 33
7 28
8 24
9 20
Remaining Top 20% 15
Next 30% 10
Bottom 50% 5
Heads Up Events
Place Points
1 100
2 70
3 & 4 47
5 – 8 30.75
9 – 16 15.63
Remaining Cashing Players 7.5

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