APT Player of the Year & APT Player of the Series

The APT Player of the Year (APT POY) and APT Player of the Series (APT POS) are a cumulative measure of players’ performance throughout a year and a full series.

APT Player of the Year
1) APT Player of the Year Trophy
2) US$ 2,000 worth of Asian Poker Tour event buy-ins
3) Customized APT Jacket
4) Worldwide recognition as APT POY through APT Marketing
5) Featured in APT 2018 Player booklets

APT Player of the Series
1st Exclusive Luxury Watch, Customized Ring, Trophy, and Qualifies to Game of Champions
2nd Trophy and Qualifies to Game of Champions
3rd Trophy and Qualifies to Game of Champions

Formula for APT POS & APT POY = # of Points for Cashing based on Event Category + Addend

Event Category Event Type Points
A Main Event / Championship Event 100
B Multiple Day Opening Event / Warm Up / Monster Stack / High Rollers 75
C Day Time NLH and Omaha Events 65
D 1 Day NLH / 6 Max Turbo / OFC Pineapple 55
E Super Deep Stack Turbo / Deep Stack Turbo / Hyper Turbo / Charity Event 50
*Addend = Prize Money Won / Buy-In (Fee not Included)
*Points will only be awarded to the Final 10 Players that cash in an event that qualifies for APT POY and APT POS 

Sample Computation:
Lloyd enters the Main Event that has a buy-in of US$1,000 (fee not included) and finishes 5th place earning him US$14,200.
Lloyd’s points toward APT POY and APT POS is 114.2
Formula: 100 points for cashing in a Category A event + 14.2 Addend (US$14,200 prize money / US$1,000 buy-in) = 114.2 Points

“The APT Game of Champions” US$ 10,000 added event!
APT Game of Champions (APT GOC) is an event made for APT POY 2016, APT RPOYs 2016, all APT POS, and Champions of all events in 2017 that will be held at the AP T Finale!
Buy-In: US$ 500 + US$ 50
Date, Time, and Venu: TBA


  • First time qualifiers will start with a stack for 25,000 in chips
  • Each time a qualifer repeats he/she will receive 5,000 more in chips added to their stack
  • Event will be a freezeout
  • Added funds by the APT will be distributed to the top 3 places (1st 50%, 2nd 30%, and 3rd 20%)
  • Chips of players not attending the APT GOC will not be put into play
  • 3% staff charge on prize pool
# of Times Qualified Name Country Stack
2 Iori Yogo Japan 30,00
1 Sj Kim Korea 25,00
1 Mike Takayama Philippines 25,00
1 Sam Razavi United Kingdom 25,00
1 Hung Sheng Lin Taiwan 25,00

Please note that APT reserves the right to change and/or update this promotion without prior notice.