Qualify Now for the APT Accredited Events Leaderboard

Want to win up to US $1,000 in travel and accommodation expenses AND the chance to win a seat to an Asian Poker Tour main event? Then play your way to the top of the APT-accredited events leader board now!

To qualify, get in the money in any APT accredited event and you’ll automatically be placed on the leader board! Top 54 players present at APT Philippines 2010 will be eligible for the APT Accredited Performance Leader Board Semi Free Roll, where the winner gets a seat to the main event!

How to Qualify:

• Cash in any APT Accredited Event.

• You earn corresponding points, which can be found here.

REGISTER with us as a leader board player.

Rules for Qualified Players:

  • Top 54 players with points will have priority in getting into the tournament.
  • 15 minutes before the start of the tournament, if players from the top 54 places don’t show up. Registration will start to call on players starting from 55 and up till the 54 player field is filled up.
  • No preregistration will be entertained for this event (Registration for this event will open 1 hour before starting time)
  • There will be a US$ 50 ADD ON for 10,000 in chips available for players. The funds from this will be allocated to the prize pool for the tournament.
  • Players must submit a valid email address via the APT website to be recognized as a qualified player for this promotion by clicking here.
  • Players must present valid identification at time of registration.
  • “APT Accredited Performance Leader Board Semi Free Roll” tournament is scheduled at 1PM on the 24th of August.

Prizes for the Top 3 Performers of the APT Accredited Performance Leader Board:

• Point leader will receive US$ 1000, 2nd place will receive US$ 500 and 3rd place will receive US$ 300 toward travel expenses (Players are required to be present at the event and will be reimbursed toward accommodation and flight only)

• Point leader will be recognized as the APT Accredited Point Leader of the Quarter with a picture and article placed on the home page of asianpt.com and will be awarded a trophy. (Performance Leader Board restarts after each Asian Poker Tour event)

• There must be a minimum of 4 APT Accredited Events between an Asian Poker Tour Main Event stop for qualification purposes of this promotion.

• In the event where 2 or more players qualify with the same amount of points. The player with the most amounts of better finishes will be deemed the point leader.

• In the event where 2 or more players qualify with the same points and same amount of high finishes. The player who lasts longer in the 54 man field will be deemed the point leader.

• Point leader will start with 10K starting stack in the “APT Accredited Performers Semi Free Roll”tournament.

The “APT Accredited Performance Leader Board Semi Free Roll” Tournament:

• Champion of the tournament will receive a seat to the APT Main Event (Added to prize pool by APT) and a trophy.

• Tournament will have 1 optional re-buy (APT Philippines US$ 50)

• Players must have 10K or below to avail of the 1 optional re-buy and for the re-buy a player will receive 10K in chips.

• Tournament is limited to 54 players only.

• The higher a player finishes with points the more chips that player will start with. In the event 2 ormore players qualify with the same amount of points. Those players will receive the higher starting stack available for that place. (Example: top 3 players have the same points, each player will start with 10K and player fourth inline will be considered in 4th place and will receive a starting stack of 8.5K)

o Place – Starting Stack
o 1st – 10K
o 2nd – 9.5K
o 3rd – 9K
o 4th – 8.5K
o 5th – 8.K
o 6th – 7.5K
o 7th – 7K
o 8th – 6.5K
o 9th – 6K
o 10th- 18th – 5.5K
o 19th-27th – 5K
o 28th-36th – 4.5K
o 37th-45th – 4K
o 46th-54th – 3.5K
o 55th+ – 3K

• Funds accumulated from re buys will be awarded in cash prizes
o 1st – 8%
o 2nd – 43%
o 3rd – 25%
o 4th – 14%
o 5th – 10%

*The Asian Poker Tour reserves the right to amend or cancel any of the rules and regulations of the APT Accredited Event leader board sytem.